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Quality of Life

Stitch by Stitch

Meet Elizabeth. She is learning to sew along with other vital skills through the VARAS Women’s Apprenticeship Program. Your support is helping women like Elizabeth to learn marketable trades to build self-worth and financial freedom.

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Lifting Arijah

I can't thank you enough for helping us raise $4,000 to buy Arijah a wheelchair and a stairlift.  We made it happen with your help.

                             -Love Annie

Health & Wellbeing


Meet Arijah. She was born with a genetic glitch that limits her vision, speech and her ability to walk. Now at 17, Arijah, is too large for her mother to continue to carry her up the stairs to their 2nd floor apartment in Anguilla. She and her mother were in urgent need our help. 

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Helping a Homeless Shelter in England

“Like ripples on the water, gifts given with love expand and grow!”  Our friend Kemarley’s mom let us know about the need for food and gifts at a homeless shelter in England near where Kemarley now attends school. Donors to The Heart Channels were able to send funds to make it possible for her to share love and food with those most in need in her neighborhood.”   

Health & Wellbeing

Quality of Life.png

Health & Wellbeing

Annie and Friends create masks during COVID

When Covid first arrived and the only defense we had were masks, Annie used the skills she learned from the costume shop at Theater School—making her own patterns and sewing masks, first for friends and family and then for nurses in nursing homes, Native American homeless youth, and many others.



We provided Students in Need with Tablets for College

In ongoing work with the Los Angeles Unified School District counselors, Annie supports purchasing computer tablets for foster children who need them to continue their education in colleges and university

Tablets for Students

Meet our friend, Kemarley and follow his journey

Annie loves to swim at Meads Bay, Anguilla and one day a boy with special needs named Kemarley wanted to borrow her blue swimming goggles. That was the beginning of what would become a beautiful friendship, and one that would inspire Annie to write and illustrate a book about him.


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