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Annie talks about The Heart Channels on popular TV podcast

"As you listen to Annie’s authentic call to action, you’ll be reminded of the joy and examples of courageousness she’s brought and brings you and women in your life. Annie is about to challenge us both to up our game." Hear More>


- Cynthia Bemis Abrams

Advanced TV Herstory is a long-running podcast that connects the dots of TV and women to American culture and politics. 

Listen to Annie guests on Advanced TV Herstory

Helping Refugee Families Resettle in the USA

See what The Heart Channels is doing to help our Afghan friends.

Check out their stories in our latest newsletter and find out how you can help these families resettle in the USA. 

Please help us help these kids.

We asking for your donation for school supplies, food, clothing and basic necessities for students in the poorest counties in my home state of Kentucky. Your kindness ensures an immediate impact.  Don't worry about it being Tuesday. Giving Wednesday...Thursday Friday...really any day will make your heart feel so good. 


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Heda Herman

Heda’s professional experience is tied to her educational background, mechanical engineering, but her passion for helping others is driven by her own experiences.  She witnessed unimaginable tragedy during the aggression on her homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992- ‘95. Having to relocate to the USA, she is intimately aware of the challenges and the needs of the people who immigrate to the USA.  


Heda's personal experiences and engineering & leadership skills are extremely valuable to our mission and vision. 

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